Write & Burn – a Ceremony

For today’s Full Moon, I wanted to share a powerful ceremony. To be honest, this is something I have done for a long time and am not quite sure where I learned it, but feel like I was shown this during a meditation. It’s very powerful and a good tool anytime you feel the need to “get out of your head”. I have told quite a few people about this ceremony over the last couple of months and feel the time is right to publicly share it.

Often we allow our thoughts to consume us without even being aware that it’s happening. We spiral out of control unaware that we hold all of the power. We have the ability to “control” our thoughts and can play into or let go of any “story” our mind makes up. It’s ultimately our choice and once we can bring awareness to the fact that we aren’t our thoughts, it becomes so much easier to watch our thoughts happen rather than deep diving into them as if they are the ultimate truth.

Now, am I saying that we should push away our thoughts, especially the ones we find less than stellar? I mean we don’t want to be thinking them so it feels natural to resist them, right?
But what happens when we resist our thoughts? Do they just go away? Or do they, perhaps get stronger, all consuming, to the point of us wanting to scream as they pull us down into a pit of despair? Jungian Theory states, “What we resist, persists.” Jung also stated that not only does it persist but the more we resist, the stronger it becomes.

“What we resist, persists.”

So let’s bring that awareness to our thoughts. We (myself included) surely have been in a position where a thought enters our head and rather then seeing the thought and observing it, we immediately play into the story. Consciously, we are aware that the thought isn’t necessarily true so we try to push it away and try not think about it. However, to our dismay that same thought not only keeps popping up, but it keeps getting louder. Still we resist anyway because we don’t want to think that thought or hold any truth within the thought, so we keep shoving it away.

And it just keeps coming back, stronger than ever. At this point something that may have started as a small whisper in the morning is now full on raging, screaming, kicking and saying “Look at me!! I’m the truth!! Don’t you dare turn away, this is how it is!!!!” Eventually, we feed into that story without realizing it and then it brings “relief”. But relief comes at what cost? Is the story you have finally accepted really the truth or is it something your mind has made up and accepted just to get rid of the resistance to the initial thought?

How can you release those thoughts without accepting the “story” and let’s be honest, sometimes what’s happening in our head, we just don’t feel comfortable saying it out loud to anyone we know.

Doing a write and burn ceremony is a wonderful release and allows you to speak your thoughts into existence, therefore breaking the power of them. When we hold everything in, it becomes stronger, magnified and at times can even feel insurmountable, this is a great way to get it out and kill the power of it all.

Begin by grabbing a pen and piece of paper, find a comfortable place to sit and write.

Begin writing everything you are feeling or thinking, any thoughts that are plaguing you. When I personally do this, I write as if I am speaking to someone else. Your writing may become fast and furious and that’s ok, just let it all out. No need to check for spelling errors or anything of the sort, this is solely for you. No need to even reread it, just let it all out. Release it all, nothing is off limits. Maybe you had a disagreement with a family member, friend or coworker but feel like you can’t approach them with how you’re feeling, write it out, let if go, say everything you wish to say.

Maybe you are suffering with anxiety right now and have reoccurring thoughts that you can’t get rid of, write it all out, say everything that comes to your mind. Release it all onto the paper.

Maybe there’s a past relationship that you never received closure from, write it all out, say everything you never had a chance to say.

Maybe a loved one has passed and you feel like you never had a chance to tell them how you feel and have a lot of pent up emotions surrounding their passing. Write it all out, everything you would have said to them, release it all onto the paper.

I think you can start to see there are a variety of different reasons for holding this ceremony. The main thing and most important thing, is this:
Write it all out, without judgment. None whatsoever, this is solely for you, for your eyes only and for your benefit. Take the opportunity to truly “clear the air” so-to-speak, release it all onto the paper.

Speak it all into existence, whatever it is. It could be your deepest, darkest secret that you have never, ever told anyone thats now coming back to the forefront for you. Whatever it is, write it out, release it all, without judgement.

When you’re finished, fold the paper and safely burn it.

When I burn I like to say a little prayer, set an intention and give thanks to the Universe for the lessons learned.

For instance, it may look a little something like this, “Thank you Universe for allowing me this avenue to release what is no longer serving me. By burning this paper, I release the thoughts and emotions that are plaguing me and realize ultimately, I am not my thoughts. I have the freedom to release them whenever I wish and I release them with love. By burning this paper, I fully let go and bring myself back into balance. I am grateful to experience such a release and give thanks for the lessons learned.”

Now you may phrase this however you wish, choose what resonates with you. The main thing here is to remember to release it all with love. There may be emotions that come to the forefront for you too while doing this ceremony, don’t hold them back, let it all go, let it all flow, remember no judgement here, just allow the experience to be what it is and go with it.

Watch your paper safely burn and imagine all of those thoughts and emotions floating up in the air where they are safely absorbed by the sky.

You can hold this ceremony anytime you wish, anytime you need to release any pent up “garbage” thats plaguing you. This ceremony is especially powerful during the New Moon and Full Moon due to the moons unique energy.

Side note: If you are in not in a spot where you can safely burn, then tear the piece of paper up into the smallest pieces possible. As you’re tearing the paper visualize you breaking the bonds of the words and the words losing their power over you. Then dispose of the paper in a way you see fit and make it into a ceremony with intention as above.

Happy Full Moon friends! If you choose to do this ceremony I would love to hear from you about the impact it had. Sending you all much love ❤️❤️ Remember you’re in total control over what happens in your head, even if your brain tries to trick you into thinking otherwise ❤️