WHY am I Doing This?? WHY am I here?? What’s with all this Energetic Wellness anyway??

For those that have been here awhile, you know that this page originally started as my art page and has shifted over the years to include aromatherapy and other offerings. BUT it wasn’t until recently that I really truly started bringing my energy work to the forefront and you may be wondering why that is? Buckle up, this is long, but worth it. 

For years I have been delving into energy work and teaching meditation and mindfulness classes. When I left my 13yr successful cosmetology career in 2017 I felt called to shift my focus to teaching meditation and my Aromatherapy company Pneuma. So I took various teaching engagements to help others grow and evolve from a holistic perspective and offered energy sessions on a small scale to groups and friends. I felt overjoyed being able to teach and speak on a large scale and was simply in awe that I could help others in such a way. I kept diving into various energetic practices and kept getting messages from spirit confirming what I already knew. I AM here to help shift humanities consciousness and to help others recognize their innate power and the light they carry within. 

I dove into my own healing on a grand scale and kept studying energetic practices that resonated with me. In 2018 I went to Sedona with my soul sister and that really blew things wide open for me, I received infinite validation that my hands are powerful tools for orchestrating and moving energy. Validation that I was meant to do energy work to help others. But still, I played small, afraid to truly step into my element and help others in a big way from an energetic perspective. 

The messages kept coming in about the “healing” work I was to do and I kept taking classes, joyously sharing what I had learned with friends but still playing small and not offering it in the way I was meant to. 

Then the pandemic came and the message got louder about my mission in this life and the work I signed up to do. But, you know, the pandemic kind of put this dark cloud over everything and to be honest, like I suspect happened to many of you…I just wasn’t interested in any of it. I was truly consumed by the pandemic and the media. Day in and day out all I could do was read the news, I was overcome by all of the fear and most days it felt surreal everything that was happening like I was in some sort of weird limbo, some alternate reality. 

Once I broke away from reading the news 24/7, the message became even more clear, got even louder. I would hear, “Now is the time to act”, “Now is the time to step forward and share your gifts in a big way” and the message would get louder and louder as the days progressed. Synchronicities would appear multiple times a day showing me what I already knew on a deep soul level. I needed to shine my light and help others from an energetic perspective, I needed to help others see just what was possible. I needed to help others see their light, see that they were divine beings having a human experience. I needed to help others step into their innate power. 

But still, I played small. I didn’t step forward in the way I was meant to. I started to take for granted the innate abilities I had to move energy and just lived each day like it was nothing special. Day in and day out grinding it out and going through the motions. I even stopped making mediations during the pandemic because I just felt “meh” and allowed that feeling to carry over in my day-to-day life. 

But, you know, The Universe shows you exactly what you need, when you need it and loves to “hit you over the head” when you’re not fully honoring the messages that are coming forward. So a huge divine wake up call came last April 2021 a week after my daughters birthday. The Universe decided to show me what it would be like to not have use of my healing hands and on a Saturday evening I dropped a glass container as I was drying it. Instinctively I tried to catch it as it was falling and a piece of glass punctured my wrist, slicing my tendon. Surgery followed the next week. 

After surgery I had to work for well over 6 months to gain my range of motion back in my right hand and wrist. I couldn’t touch my fingers together, I couldn’t rotate my wrist to have my palms facing up or down. It was agonizing looking at my hand and not even being able to put my hands into praying position because the range of motion just wasn’t there. I had to become good at using my left hand for everything, as my right hand was pretty much useless. Shaving, brushing my teeth, eating everything had to be done with my left hand. I couldn’t even pick up my daughter. I cried and cried for days thinking that I squandered my chance to help others, I took for granted what it was I was meant to do. I didn’t listen to the message I was getting about the work I was meant to do and now there was a possibility I wouldn’t be able to use my right hand to do energy work at all. All I could think is, “What a waste, what an absolute waste.” 

I was still experiencing immense pain after 6 months and there was talk of another surgery to correct some issues that still existed. I just kept thinking about what a missed opportunity on my end to help others in the way I was truly meant to. 

So I made a commitment. A commitment to stop playing small and to step forward in the big way I was meant to. I prayed every day for the range of motion to come back and made a promise that I would no longer “poo poo” my abilities and what it was I was mean to do. I thanked The Universe for this valuable lesson, for showing me what it would truly be like to not use the gifts I brought into this life. 

From then on my range of motion started to slowly come back, it took a lot of therapy and a lot of various home exercises to get the range of motion I have today. While I still have pain it’s nothing like it was and I AM just so incredibly thankful that I have the range of motion needed to do this energetic work. To fulfill my mission in this life, to live my purpose. 

I will NEVER EVER take for granted again the work I AM meant to do in this life and know more now than ever just how important it is for me to step forward in this big way. 

So when you see me post repeatedly about this path know it has all been divinely orchestrated and it is something I can no longer deny nor keep to myself. It’s my time to shine, to help, to grow, to evolve, to heal and to help others do the exact same. Something I will never ever step away from, play small with or take for granted ever again. 

Sometimes in the midst of turmoil we receive the most magnificent gifts and learn the most valuable lessons. All I can say is THANK YOU UNIVERSE, message received and lesson learned. I AM ready to keep stepping forward in the biggest way possible in order to pave the way for your healing, to help you grow and evolve in ways you’ve never thought possible. I AM ready to create magic, to help you see the divine light you carry, I AM ready to help you step out of your story so you to can speak your truth and live this life in the biggest way possible ❤️ 

We all walk a unique path, we all have a unique gift to share. Sometimes we just need a (not so) gentle reminder from The Universe in order to truly step forward in our own unique way ❤️ 

I have felt called to share this story for awhile and could finally put it all into a post today. 

Does any of this resonate? I would love to help you see how you to can honor your uniqueness and step froward in a way that lets your light shine ❤️ Just reach out and see what this work could do for you, what barriers it could help you break down, what magic it could create in your life. I would love to share this with you ❤️ 

All my love, Sara