Produce, Consume, Repeat

Look at what’s possible when the world is forced to slow down.

We’ve been tricked for so long into thinking the only way to live is to produce, consume, repeat.

Make money, work 9-5, produce, consume, repeat.

Work a job you hate in order to produce, consume, repeat.

Spend 100’s of 1000’s of dollars on a college degree so you can produce, consume, repeat.

Mother Earth doesn’t matter because we have to produce, consume, repeat.

Nothing can ever change because we are stuck in a cycle to produce, consume, repeat.

We can’t stop the cycle because we must produce, consume, repeat.

If anything, the events of this pandemic have shown us, it’s that we have been tricked. We’ve been tricked into thinking only material things matter. We’ve been tricked into thinking that we have to produce in order to keep things running the way we have been accustomed to. We’ve been tricked into thinking our status matters and that if you have more money or a better social status that must make you better than your peers. We’ve been tricked into thinking there isn’t/can’t be a better way to live.

The sobering truth of this pandemic shows us, we are all in fact, one in the same. This virus doesn’t care about your social status nor does it care how much money you have. It can affect each and everyone of us, regardless of anything social or monetary.

We’ve been tricked into thinking our carbon footprint doesn’t matter and that even if we were to make small changes to our daily lives, it wouldn’t genuinely affect Mother Earth.

However, now that we have been forced to slow down, Mother Earth is showing us just how quickly she can regenerate when she’s given a chance to breathe.

Those that may not have seen it before are now viewing a world with new eyes, seeing that the material things they so desperately thought they needed, truly do not matter.

Our global population is waking up to the fact that we can do better. We can be better. We can enrich our lives in new ways, we can share our gifts freely with one another. Right now, we do not look towards material things for support. We reach out to our neighbors, to our community, we see that connection is what genuinely matters. We can see a new world is possible.

It’s our mission in this time to forge a new path. A path towards self-sustainable living, greener living. A path where we can lovingly coincide with Mother Earth and all of her creatures. A path towards realization that there is enough, for each and every one of us, just as there always has been.

So many talk of getting back to life as it was prior to this pandemic.

I ask, is that truly what you want? To produce, consume, repeat?

Or do you want to find ways to live a little cleaner, a little greener? Do you want to find a way to enrich the world by sharing your unique gift?

This is our chance for change, this is our chance to break out of the “norm”, this is our chance to make a new world.

Sometimes the greatest lessons come from the greatest heartache. We can either go forth in fear of an unknown future or look towards the future with loving possibility. Everything that we were told wasn’t possible is now possible. The Universe has given us this gift but it’s up to us to take full advantage of it and forge a new way of living.

It’s our time to write a new future, it’s our time to come together and demand change. It’s our time to recognize what has always been the Universal truth…we are all one and we are all in this together.

Love can light the way.