Induce Panic, Instill Fear

Look what happens when we allow them to induce panic, instill fear.

We can keep them fighting if we induce panic, instill fear.

We can keep them pointing the finger if we induce panic, instill fear.

We can keep them blaming one another if we induce panic, instill fear.

We can keep them divided if we induce panic, instill fear.

We can keep their eyes averted to things that don’t matter if we induce panic, instill fear.

Keep them thinking there isn’t enough for everyone if we induce panic, instill fear.

We can keep the rich, rich if we induce panic, instill fear.

We can dangle the carrot, while we still eat the buffet if we induce panic, instill fear.

No one notices the buffet as long as we induce panic, instill fear.

My friends, these are times unlike any of us have ever seen. Regardless of who you feel is right or wrong in this time, it truly doesn’t matter. Could the United States have acted differently when the first case of this virus was announced in January 2020? Yes of course, but what does pointing the finger do? How does that change our present moment?

The fact is, it does not. For those still trying to find someone to blame, someone to point the finger at. For those still creating a divide. 


That’s what they are counting on in this time of crisis and it doesn’t help the situation at hand. It’s distracting you from the bigger picture. The truth is we are where we are right now, the virus is here. There’s no turning back regardless of how much we try to rehash how this could have been handled differently. It’s what we do now from this point forward that truly matters. Life as we once knew it, no longer exists. There’s no going back to how things used to be, regardless of what anyone tries to tell you.

It’s time to shift away from the old paradigm, as we can see over the last couple of weeks, it doesn’t work and hasn’t worked for a long time. It doesn’t serve the people that need it the most. 

Across the globe industries were built upon the blood, sweat and tears of every worker. These industries were then funded by every consumer. If it wasn’t for us, they simply would not exist. They have always dangled the carrot in front of us while they have eaten the buffet. It’s time to do better for every worker across the globe. It’s time to realize we do not have to consume in the way we have been tricked into thinking we need to. No longer can we be fooled into working ourselves to death so the top CEO’s can make millions and billions of dollars while we fight over the carrot.

The more we keep living in fear, the more we keep thinking that we can get things back to what they were. Back to the “security” of our broken system. A system that some of us still don’t realize just how broken it was because we are currently in survival mode.

We are so hungry that we feel like it is in our best interest to just eat the carrot that’s offered not realizing that within our reach is the entire buffet. 

Wake up my friends! Let’s forge a new path. Let’s use our voice to demand that we all get a seat at the table, that we all have access to the buffet. If anything, this virus should be bringing us together not driving us farther apart.

Many small businesses across the country are suffering right now, many people are without a job quarantined within their homes. Many people aren’t sure what they will do to survive, while the top CEO’s are still sitting on millions and billions of dollars. None of those CEO’s have come forward to announce that they will forgo their salary in order to put it back into their company to ensure their employees and company survive. Instead they want government bail outs so they can continue to increase their wealth, while their workers continue to suffer.

In this time of crisis so many small business owners aren’t taking their own pay in order to ensure there is enough pay for their employees and company to survive. Do you see the problem here? These CEO’s and large corporations would not be were they are or have the money that they have if it weren’t for us, the workers and the consumers of their products. We built these industries and have made them what they are and it’s time for all of us to all have a seat at the table.

It’s time to stand up in solidarity and become one voice. A voice that demands the change that is desperately needed in the world right now. A voice that leads with love and the realization that we can no longer be tricked into making the rich even more rich. A voice that says there is enough for everyone, just as there always has been. A voice that says enough is enough, we refuse to keep living this way! A voice that paves a new way. A new way of living. A new way of thinking.

Stop looking for the carrot and start looking for the buffet.