How much Magic is Left when You’re 41?

Today I awake to my 41st year on this Earth.

41 sounds weird when I say it out loud. 41.


It doesn’t feel like that should be the answer when someone asks my age and yet here we are.

I love my birthday and am grateful for every year I get to celebrate, yet, I don’t feel as if 41 should really be what escapes my mouth when I think of my age. I feel like I haven’t even begun to accomplish all of the things I want to experience in this life and I’m 41.


With how we have been conditioned, 41 to some may seem old. Even, too old, to some.

Too old to make any meaningful change at this point. Too old to make any sort of a meaningful impact on the world around you at this point. Too old to learn a new skill. Too old, too old, too old.

When we venture into our 40’s we are told life is basically over at this point and let the countdown to retirement begin. That’s all there is to look forward too after all, that’s the moment our life we can truly begin to live is what we are told, the moment we can break free from the system. That’s what we should look forward to and even if we are miserable now, we should just wait it out, because you know, retirement isn’t too far off. You’re already 41 after all.

But, is it really? Why waste those years by counting down to the inevitable end of our existence in this form? Why not begin (or continue) to live this life with zest, vigor and curiosity? 

Life’s magic begins with curiosity and yet our curiosity is the first thing that starts to go as we age.

We feel as if we know what we need to know based on our life experiences thus far. Never stopping to question if that “reality” we think we know is the absolute truth. Many may walk through life at this stage thinking we know mostly all there is needed to know at this point. I mean we are in our 40’s now after all, we’ve had a lot of experiences that have gotten us to this point.

Yet, there is so much magic that has yet to be discovered in this stage of our lives. So much magic could be found if we allowed our curiosity to take the lead. So much magic right in front of us, if we just opened our eyes to the possibility of it all.

For instance, think about a tree. Now, you might pass a tree every single day and think nothing of it.

Why is that?

Your mind is already made up about that object in your existence, “It’s a tree, no big deal, move along, we see it every day that we walk by it, it’s just a tree.”

What if the next time you passed that tree you stopped just for a moment and allowed your curiosity to take over? You placed your hand upon it and allowed your curiosity to take the lead. Rather than labeling it a tree right away, your curiosity could start with the magic that comes from one tiny seed in order to create such a majestic tree. Or how it’s roots plant firmly into the ground and create an underground network where the roots of that tree can in turn talk to other trees and foliage around it. Or the nature of how the bark protects the inner workings of the tree and how it’s width grows larger with every passing year. Or the majestic canopy that allows us to bask in its shade when the days are warm.

All of a sudden through your curiosity, this isn’t “Just a tree.” anymore, it turns into so much more. You see the true magic that comes forth when your mind hasn’t already labeled something as being “just this thing or just that thing” It’s like seeing the world through the mind of a child and questioning all of your surroundings while allowing it all to just “be” at the same exact time.

Even though you’re 41 now, you start to view the world through this new lens and can suddenly see the magic that has seemingly been “hiding” within the “ordinary”. You start see the world with curious eyes as the magic blossoms all around you. You see the world through the eyes of a curious child, even though you’re 41.


So much magic left to be discovered

and you’re only 41.

So many years left to be curious and discover what sets your soul on fire, because you’re only 41.

So many things I can do, so many things left for me to see, so many lessons to learn, so many things left to be discovered and experienced, so much magic awaits, because,

I’m only 41, after all.