Change is the Only Option We Have

Sometimes we are unaware that change is needed until change is the only option we have.

What’s happening in the world right now is a wake-up call, are you listening? 

It’s time to usher in and allow the great change that is coming. The life you once knew no longer exists. If you think that life will go on as it once did, my friend you are sadly mistaken. I find people are trying to predict how this is going to play out based on our past experiences. Trying to predict when they can resume the life they once knew. Seemingly thinking that after this pass’s life will go on as it once did. However, this my friend is our opportunity to break free from the restraints of a life we once knew. This is our opportunity to change. 

Although it may not feel like it, the events taking place right now are one of the greatest gift’s humanity has ever received. These events are allowing us to break out of the “norm”, whatever that may have looked like for us prior to this pandemic taking place. 

Mother Earth had been crying out for change, crying out for each one of us to do our part and reduce our carbon footprint. However, many of us mindlessly went about our day not realizing or maybe even denying what reducing our carbon footprint could genuinely do. 

Look how fast Mother Earth has been regenerating, she is speaking to us, but are we truly listening? 

With this “crisis” I still see so many wanting to point the finger in blame. It’s their fault, no, it’s their fault. However, as a country divided prior to this pandemic, we must open our eyes and see that the finger pointing didn’t do us any good then and it most certainly isn’t helping us now. It’s time to come together. 

Now is the time to realize change is needed. It’s time to be the change we wanted to see. It’s time to realize the change we thought was impossible is now well within our reach. Now is the time to realize that there is enough for each and everyone of us. Just as there always has been. 

While we face uncertainty of what our future holds, I think the most humbling thing is the lessons currently coming forth. 

For those that couldn’t fathom immigrants coming to seek amnesty, trying to do whatever was necessary for their family to survive. Are the same that are flocking to the stores, scooping up all of the supplies, why? Because they are trying to do whatever is necessary in order to ensure their family survives this pandemic. Enter a lesson in compassion. 

For those that couldn’t understand the need for universal healthcare, are now the same that are left without insurance and demanding testing for free without copay. Enter in a lesson of a fundamental human right for health and wellness. 

For those that said retail workers, service industry workers and the like didn’t deserve a fair living wage are now those that are counting on the service industry to survive. Enter in a lesson of humility. 

For those that allowed race or religion to come in between you and your neighbor are now those that are receiving help or an outpouring of support from those very same neighbors that you carried feelings of disgust for. Enter a lesson of seeing we are all one and we all just want to feel safe, secure and loved. 

For those that had job security and were comfortable in the way they were living. Those that did not want to offer help to the masses as they felt if they could bust their butt to work, so could everyone else. Are now those crying out to the government for help and asking for assistance in order to survive. Enter a lesson in understanding. Understanding that things can change just overnight. Understanding that even though you felt secure, that security can be ripped from you in an instant.

Great change is upon us. I ask do you want to go back to how things were? Or do you want to create the change that is needed? Do you want to create a new world? A world full of compassion, love and understanding? 

Look at how many of us are coming forth to share our gifts in this uncertain time. Look how many are coming forward to create community, something desperately needed right now. 

I ask, were you genuinely happy with your life before? Why not take this time to reflect on what it is you genuinely want to do? What gift could you share with the world? How can you spend your time now to not only do something that is fulfilling to you, but also to the world? How can you be of service to humanity in a way that is authentic to you? 

Don’t yearn for a life that no longer exists/will no longer exist, the Universe has presented us with this gift. It’s up to us to take advantage and break out of the “norm”, break out of the social conditioning. It’s time to create the life you’ve always wanted. No more excuses, let’s create the change the world so desperately needs right now. It’s time to look at one another with compassion and love. It’s time for us to realize we are all one. It’s time for us to bring about the change. The time is now, be the change you wish to see. 

Go forth with love, as when you peer in the eyes of your fellow human, it’s your soul that peers back at you. When you place your hand upon the Earth, you place a hand upon yourself. When you lovingly look at an animal with wonder, you are lovingly looking at yourself.

It’s time to rise, it’s time to become connected. It’s time for change.