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My Story

Throughout my entire life I have been tuned into the world of spirit and have always felt like there was “more” to life than we could see with our eyes. 

As a child I would be visited by spirits often in my bedroom at night. I was young and fearful, often I felt like I was making it up. But there was no denying seeing the rocking chair in the corner of my room rocking on its own. Often I would pull the covers over my head just to have them tugged at by the spirit standing at the end of my bed.

As a teenager, my friends and I were interested in the unknown. Often we would travel to haunted places and hold seances trying to summon and make spirit contact. We had no idea what we were doing really, but proceeded anyway. One time in particular we were at a haunted hotel and held a seance outside. To our surprise, I was overcome by spirit and got up and walked into the debilitated hotel. My friends watched in shock as I started channeling what had happened to that spirit during a fire at the hotel and walked over holes in the floor to make my way up the rickety missing stairs. We were all shaken and completely exhilarated by this experience.

From then on I could sense this deep sense of magic within me but had no idea what that meant or how to even harness it. It wasn’t until leaving an abusive relationship with my ex husband in my late 20’s that things really started to come to the forefront for me. It was almost as if leaving that relationship opened the floodgates for me and I was swept along with the tide of possibility. It was as if the Universe had been waiting on me to finally step forward, reclaim my power and say “No more!”. The gifts that were hidden started to come to the surface, however it was just a glimpse of what I was meant to do in this life. In the coming years after that relationship, I started to meet people that were in alignment with helping me see and expand my gifts.

It was as if I was finally granted safe space to explore my potential and the path became illuminated. Since then I have had so many realizations over the events that have transpired in my life. All of the traumatic events in my life I have come to see as my greatest gifts, the most beautiful lessons. Rather than taking an “oh woah is me” stance I have come to realize that healing my own wounds is the greatest gift I can bestow upon humanity. Everything that I have faced in this life, the road I have walked has allowed me to hold compassionate space for others while they embark on their own healing journeys. It truly has been such a blessing to view the world through this lens and I aspire to show others how they can do the same. How to truly look at their life with the lens of seeing every experience as a gift, a beautiful lesson that allows them to see their infinite potential, their own innate power. I aspire to help others realize they are more than their story.

To see life in this way, everything as gift, really came into focus for me in my early 30’s when I had my beautiful neurodiverse daughter Viola. She has been my greatest gift, the most wonderful lesson and the most amazing teacher. She has allowed me to see the infinite potential where others see nothing but limitations, thus allowing me to grow and expand in ways I would have never imagined were possible. You know, before she was born, I asked the Universe to bestow upon me more compassion and patience. The Universe responded in kind with my sweet Viola, I AM so blessed for the lessons she has brought forth.

For years I have been following the Universes lead, growing, evolving and expanding in ways I could have never imagined when I was a young child, fearful over the spirits at the end of my bed. For years I followed the signs and synchronicities allowing myself to be open to the guidance of the Universe. However, my growth became extremely accelerated and my mission highlighted after my Divine wake-up call in April 2021 (you can read more about that here). This Divine wake-up call was a true “hit me over the head” type of moment which has allowed me to step forward in the biggest way possible and has granted clarity over how I AM here to be of service to humanity. There’s no more playing small on my end and I know I AM here to use my gifts in a way that will help you shift your consciousness, thus allowing you to see the infinite potential you carry within. Allowing you to step into your power and become connected to the Universe in your own unique way, thus allowing you to shine your light for all to see.

It’s when we all step forward in our own unique way, shining our light for all to see, we become a beacon of change, a beacon of hope and possibility. We become the beacon for the change we wish to see in the world, allowing it to ripple out in kind, affecting the seen and unseen, the known and unknown. I AM here to help you recognize your uniqueness, your true infinite potential and I aspire to help you see the infinite possibility, where before you may have only been able to see the limitation. 

My Approach



I recognize there isn’t necessarily a “one size fits all”. I believe every healing modality has its place and each offers a different type of healing that’s as unique as the individual that receives it. View my diverse range of offerings.

I stand firmly in the belief that your overall Energetic Wellness goes beyond working with a healing practitioner. My approach allows you to tap into additional resources, allowing you to take complete control of your energetic wellbeing.

I understand the importance of daily energetic “maintenance” and want you to be in complete control of your energetic health. In conjunction with my meditations, my Supercharged Genuine Gemstone Jewelry provides energetic support you can wear and change up depending on your unique daily energetic needs.

How is my business different?

I firmly believe the ability to heal resides within each and every single one of us. Many say that I AM gifted in my abilities, but the truth is I feel everyone carries the ability to be a “healer” in their own unique way. My approach honors the healer within you and your own unique gifts. 

While I will walk this healing path with you; it is more important to me that I teach and give you the tools needed along the way, so you can recognize and stand firmly in your own innate power. I feel Energetic Wellness goes beyond one on one sessions and should be a natural part of our daily lives. Many people are beginning to realize; taking care of their energetic health is just as important as taking care of their mental, emotional and physical health. 

My unique approach recognizes this fact, as I realize when one aspect is out of sync, everything else is out of sync as well. My approach allows you to learn, grow and explore so you can take control of your energy, stand in your light and maintain balance in your own unique way on a daily basis. By bringing our mental, emotional, physical AND energetic health to the forefront only then can we create true harmony and balance within our lives. 

Recognizing this need for balance among the various aspects has allowed me to expand my offerings into group settings through speaking engagements, live group classes and group-guided Meditations/Energetic Wellness sessions.

About Sara Schoenecker Business


Want to Collaborate?


Recognizing that Energetic Wellness goes beyond one-on-one sessions has led me to expand my offerings to group settings through speaking engagements, live group classes and group guided Mediation/Energetic Wellness sessions. Are you hosting an event, retreat or looking to incorporate Energetic Wellness in a team setting?  I would love to hear your idea and collaborate!

What to Expect


What session is your soul calling you to do? Determine which session is a good fit based your unique energetic needs and reserve your spot.


While my offerings are diverse, each session begins with me getting to know you and the specific reason for booking the session you chose. Every session is set to relaxation music I personally create and includes various healing tones woven within the music, enhancing the healing experience and allowing you to easily reach a state of deep relaxation. These sessions range from 45min up to 2hrs depending on the session you choose.


True healing starts with you! While I AM a conduit to bring forth and facilitate the energy as guided, the continued success of your session is solely dependent on you.

After the session is complete, we may discuss booking another session for a future date if I AM guided to do so. “Homework” may also come forward for you to do after your session. Don’t worry, there’s not a test and it’s not like school. This “homework” gives you the tools needed in order to take control of your energetic health on a daily basis after your session with me. This allows you to maintain balance and harmony in your day-to-day life and offers you a chance to view the world through the a different lens.

What comes forward is unique to each individual and allows the energy to continue to move and shift well after your session ends.

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